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It is said that among the arts, music has the most universal appeal and acceptance. The Filipino people are heirs to a musical legacy that embodies their collective consciousness, their hopes and dreams, their trials and triumphs, their aspirations for a better life. These are echoed in the songs they sing and in the instruments they play, which truly become a vital force in creating harmony among the culturally-diverse people like the Filipinos.



UMak Chorale with mayor Jojo Binay

University of Makati Chorale

Brief History of the University of Makati

The University of Makati is a public university locally-funded by the Makati City government originally established in 1972 (Mun. Res. No. 242, Ordinance No. 64) as the Makati Polytechnic College. In response to the growing demands for more curricular program offerings, the Polytechnic Community College was elevated to the status of a full-blown college in 1987 and was renamed Makati College.

On January 10, 1990, a merger with former Fort Andres Bonifacio College at Barangay West Rembo paved the way for the transformation of Makati College into a university. By virtue of Municipal Ordinance No. 433, Pamantasan ng Makati became a chartered University on December 19, 1991 under the administration of Mayor Jejomar C. Binay. On August 27, 2002, City Ordinance No. 2002-111 approved the change of the official name of Pamantasan ng Makati (PNM) to University of Makati (UMak) to give the school a sophisticated image towards global excellence.

As the premier university of Makati, it is serving an average of 11,000 students coming from the marginalized families in Makati and nearby cities.

Background of the University of Makati Chorale Madz Et Al

Formally organized in 2003, the University of Makati Chorale is the only school-based acapella vocal ensemble of the University and the City of Makati. Over the years, the Chorale has developed a reputation for its remarkable interpretation of vocal musical literature – from classical to contemporary, from gospel to standards, from kundiman to OPM. With an unbroken blend of male and female voices ranging from the first soprano to second bass, the group has already made a name not only for the University but for the City as well with its remarkable performances.

Today, the group has matured from merely a singing group, composed of indigent but musically-gifted youth, that aspired to provide entertainment to a group propelled by a mission to respond to the cultural aspirations of Makati as its ambassador of goodwill. With this challenge, coupled with its new vision to become world renowned singing ambassadors, they would like to responsively commit to make a difference - to bring more honors not only to the University, but most importantly, to the City of Makati.

In February 2007, the Chorale engaged the services of Prof. Elsie Z. Eranista, a BS-Music graduate, magna cum laude from the University of the Philippines, and an alumna of the Philippine Madrigal Singers (PMS) and a member of the PMS batch who won the Grand Prix in Europe chorale competition (1998), as choir conductor/trainer. As such, they have been undergoing rigorous training supervised by this world-famous singing group. In October 2007, the University of Makati Chorale was formally introduced as the newest member of Madz Et Al, a family of choir organization handled by the Philippine Madrigal Singers and now ready to embark in international choral competitions.

Some of the group’s outstanding achievements:

Grand Finalist - 1st Runner-Up- Magandang Tanghali Bayan’s “Minus-All, an acapella competition at ABS-CBN and
The Filipino Channel (TFC) (December 2003)

Winner - “Sama-samang Boses” – a Christmas Carol Chorale competition (December 2003) sponsored by
Mayor Sonny Belmonte of Quezon City

Regular Choir - Intercontinental Manila, Philippine Senate , and Intl. Relations Dept., Office of the Mayor

First & Third Runner-Up – “Paskong Himig 2007 sa Lungsod ng Pasig/”Paskong-Pasko sa Metro Manila 2007” - Department of Tourism-NCR (Dec. 12 and 13, 2007).
First Grand Champion – “Himig Pasko 2007” Acapella Challenge – Sunshine Media Network-DZAR (December 22, 2007)

Major Concerts

The “Colors of Worship 1 & 2” - a liturgical concert together with eight (8) best choral groups in Metro Manila held in April 2004 at the Philamlife Auditorium, UN Avenue, Manila.

The Rainbow Concert – with the country’s musical icons Jose Mari Chan and Rico J. Puno - May 2004.

Hands-On Choral Concert 2004, 2005 & 2006 – 200-voices choral concert (International Song Festival) under Choirmaster Mark Anthony Carpio of the Philippine Madrigal Singers at the Cultural Center of the Philippines with 11 choral groups.

Sing Philippines (Madz Et Al 2007) – A Celebration of Filipino Choral Artistry – Philamlife Auditorium, May 4, 2007.

Goodwill Choral Concert & Recital with University of the East Chorale and Novo Concertante Manila - Main Theatre, University of Makati, Sept. 27, 2007.

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My anger stands between us like a wall,
Or a river of burning brimstone straight from Hell.
I love you, and I want to love you well;
I call for help, but you can't hear my call.

I love you for the man that you've become
And for the years we've put into this life.
But all the pain I've suffered as your wife
Has left my poor, scarred spirit deaf and dumb.

God help me, please! I need to cross to you
And live the life I never thought we could.
Be patient with my anger, and the good
Within us will my fisted thoughts undo.

I know the fault is mine now, and I'll try
To let go of the wounded, dying past.
For us and for our son this has to last.
And so I bid my angry soul good-by.


May you have a warm and gentle spring,
A youth that winds through rainbow fields of flowers
Yearning for the beauty in your heart.

Let your memory hold these morning hours
Even as the last sweet thrushes sing,
Even as your yearning turns to art,
Nor shall you lose this grace to suffering.


Marriage, as a choice, requires choices.
One must choose not once, but every day.
Life offers us a hundred thousand voices,
Yet those we fail to hear fast fade away.
I choose you with all my wounded heart:
You and our two children. All the rest
Lies in the distance, charming, but apart
From the circle of the ones with whom I'm blessed.
Our marriage isn't easy, but our love
Is still the force that shapes my daily life.
I want us to be happy, and will move
Wherever I must be to be your wife.
I'm yours, and I want you to be mine.
We'll find a way our wishes to combine.


Loving you is something that comes easy,
Like walking in the sunshine to a song,
Like being in a place where you belong,
Like finding reasons when you know you're ready.
Nor do I care that working days are dreary,
The pay's a pittance and the hours are long.
Knowing that you love me keeps me strong,
The light within that lets me see life clearly.
Why is love the music of our meaning,
The lilt that makes our labor worth our living,
The loveliness no platitude can bear?
In you I have a harvest past all gleaning,
A gift arrested in the act of giving,
A moment of delight that's always there.


Lovers aren't always best of friends:
Too much, sometimes, lies between their sheets.
In fact they need a friend to share the sweets
And sorrows of a love that always ends.

Love that lasts is love that's more than passion:
A wedding of true friendship and desire.
Some might fear a certain loss of fire,
But pleasure is ignited by compassion.

You're the one in whom I most confide,
The inner ear I talk to through the day,
The flesh I need when I must have my way,
The world where I am home when I'm inside.

And even more, I find my pleasure, too,
From seeing the delight you take in me,
The comfort, quiet joy, and ecstasy
That it is my gift to give to you.


Love returns on Saturdays,
Having been away
To labor in the labyrinth
That underlies our joy.

How dark the days of abstinence,
Of sleep too dire to stay,
Of mornings mere mechanical
And flesh no hands employ!

But then--Ah, then!--on Saturdays
Love finally has its way,
Coming into crevices
Whose cravings passions buoy.

How beautiful, the love that can
Such soporifics sway!
No wasteland world of weekdays shall
Our dalliance destroy!


Love needs its hour in the sun
Or like a flower it will fade.
But happiness depends upon
The proper mix of light and shade.

Or like a flower it will fade
Into the wall of unpicked dreams.
The proper mix of light and shade
Takes more courage than it seems.

Into the wall of unpicked dreams
Love fades, afraid to speak. This poem
Takes more courage than it seems.
You're fading, too, when you come home.

Love fades, afraid to speak this poem.
But happiness depends upon
Your fading, too. When you come home,
Love needs its hour in the sun.

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