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It is said that among the arts, music has the most universal appeal and acceptance. The Filipino people are heirs to a musical legacy that embodies their collective consciousness, their hopes and dreams, their trials and triumphs, their aspirations for a better life. These are echoed in the songs they sing and in the instruments they play, which truly become a vital force in creating harmony among the culturally-diverse people like the Filipinos.



UMak Chorale with mayor Jojo Binay

University of Makati Chorale

Brief History of the University of Makati

The University of Makati is a public university locally-funded by the Makati City government originally established in 1972 (Mun. Res. No. 242, Ordinance No. 64) as the Makati Polytechnic College. In response to the growing demands for more curricular program offerings, the Polytechnic Community College was elevated to the status of a full-blown college in 1987 and was renamed Makati College.

On January 10, 1990, a merger with former Fort Andres Bonifacio College at Barangay West Rembo paved the way for the transformation of Makati College into a university. By virtue of Municipal Ordinance No. 433, Pamantasan ng Makati became a chartered University on December 19, 1991 under the administration of Mayor Jejomar C. Binay. On August 27, 2002, City Ordinance No. 2002-111 approved the change of the official name of Pamantasan ng Makati (PNM) to University of Makati (UMak) to give the school a sophisticated image towards global excellence.

As the premier university of Makati, it is serving an average of 11,000 students coming from the marginalized families in Makati and nearby cities.

Background of the University of Makati Chorale Madz Et Al

Formally organized in 2003, the University of Makati Chorale is the only school-based acapella vocal ensemble of the University and the City of Makati. Over the years, the Chorale has developed a reputation for its remarkable interpretation of vocal musical literature – from classical to contemporary, from gospel to standards, from kundiman to OPM. With an unbroken blend of male and female voices ranging from the first soprano to second bass, the group has already made a name not only for the University but for the City as well with its remarkable performances.

Today, the group has matured from merely a singing group, composed of indigent but musically-gifted youth, that aspired to provide entertainment to a group propelled by a mission to respond to the cultural aspirations of Makati as its ambassador of goodwill. With this challenge, coupled with its new vision to become world renowned singing ambassadors, they would like to responsively commit to make a difference - to bring more honors not only to the University, but most importantly, to the City of Makati.

In February 2007, the Chorale engaged the services of Prof. Elsie Z. Eranista, a BS-Music graduate, magna cum laude from the University of the Philippines, and an alumna of the Philippine Madrigal Singers (PMS) and a member of the PMS batch who won the Grand Prix in Europe chorale competition (1998), as choir conductor/trainer. As such, they have been undergoing rigorous training supervised by this world-famous singing group. In October 2007, the University of Makati Chorale was formally introduced as the newest member of Madz Et Al, a family of choir organization handled by the Philippine Madrigal Singers and now ready to embark in international choral competitions.

Some of the group’s outstanding achievements:

Grand Finalist - 1st Runner-Up- Magandang Tanghali Bayan’s “Minus-All, an acapella competition at ABS-CBN and
The Filipino Channel (TFC) (December 2003)

Winner - “Sama-samang Boses” – a Christmas Carol Chorale competition (December 2003) sponsored by
Mayor Sonny Belmonte of Quezon City

Regular Choir - Intercontinental Manila, Philippine Senate , and Intl. Relations Dept., Office of the Mayor

First & Third Runner-Up – “Paskong Himig 2007 sa Lungsod ng Pasig/”Paskong-Pasko sa Metro Manila 2007” - Department of Tourism-NCR (Dec. 12 and 13, 2007).
First Grand Champion – “Himig Pasko 2007” Acapella Challenge – Sunshine Media Network-DZAR (December 22, 2007)

Major Concerts

The “Colors of Worship 1 & 2” - a liturgical concert together with eight (8) best choral groups in Metro Manila held in April 2004 at the Philamlife Auditorium, UN Avenue, Manila.

The Rainbow Concert – with the country’s musical icons Jose Mari Chan and Rico J. Puno - May 2004.

Hands-On Choral Concert 2004, 2005 & 2006 – 200-voices choral concert (International Song Festival) under Choirmaster Mark Anthony Carpio of the Philippine Madrigal Singers at the Cultural Center of the Philippines with 11 choral groups.

Sing Philippines (Madz Et Al 2007) – A Celebration of Filipino Choral Artistry – Philamlife Auditorium, May 4, 2007.

Goodwill Choral Concert & Recital with University of the East Chorale and Novo Concertante Manila - Main Theatre, University of Makati, Sept. 27, 2007.

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Thursday, September 25, 2008


Smoked filled and lite by candle light
And an occasional muffled glowed yellow bulb
With music soothing - filling in between and
Above otherwise constant inaudiable conversations
To my ears...
Applause! !
Giving the drummer some
The saxman and bass
Getting their due too!
The four of us, in a bowl of milk
Getting away from whatever you get away from
Further down than down town.
Scuttlebug -
The Cat's Eye, eyeing me as I eye him and them
Patting my feet - nodding my head - looking
Conspicuous with my pen ablaze while the music
Kicks us in the heart! !
Bass and drummer croon together...
Sweet saxaphone wails the melody as they give us
'You don't know what love is'!
My pen is still!
What else is there to say!

Music by 'Joe Clarke Trio'
Joe Clark on Sax
Phil Harris on Bass
Michael Smith on Drums
(For more of their music click on 'Let The Music Play' and 'The Platter was Brass'...I promise you will enjoy the music!


When Nicholas Rowe played his violin and Steve Durie sang and played guitar
I felt like I was back again in Dan O Connell's bar
In Knocknagree in Sliabh Luachra more than half a World away
These men are fine musicians and such sweet tunes they play.

That it was their first music session together I struggled to believe
But they assured me it was so and these men don't deceive
One might believe that they had played together for at least twenty years
And the sweetness in their music was so sweet to my ears.

The gifts of song and music are true foods of the soul
And every time I hear them down memory lane I stroll
To the old towns and the old pubs of music dance and song
Amongst mates and with beer and good entertainment the time quickly ticks along.

The singer guitarist and the violinist they blend in well these two
Nicholas Rowe and Steve Durie to song and music true
The gifts they have been blessed with they are prepared to share
And song and music is the valve to ease the heart of care.

One might say for their debut they gave a fine display
And what was for a free performance big money one might pay
And if one had not known it one hardly could believe
That it was a first performance together for Nicholas and Steve.


I hear the music coming from the room just out of the way.
I don’t walk toward it; I leave it for another day.
I hear the music coming from the room just out of the way.
I’m starting to hear this music almost everyday.
I hear the music coming from the room just out of the way.
I’m tired of the music so I turn and start walking away
I hear a strong voice that comes to my ears.
The voice is so strong it hits me like spears.
I walk to the voice and the music blind to all around.
I’m blind to everything, everything but the sound.
I’m in the room and I see a man over the keyboard.
I start to shake; my heart beats faster with every chord.
He was always there for me even when I didn’t know.
i know now that he is the one that really feeds my soul


Last night, a great lute-player
as full of enthusiasm for the power of music
and its history of the human heart
as far as history recedes, as I remember him
forty years ago before his fame had spread,

handed his lute around the dinner-table
as if we were at some christening party
for the eternal birth of eternal music
in the eternal present moment…

the lute shining like a promise
of things greater and unknown..
yet… not unknown to the eager heart...
made of several woods, matured

for around eight years; like pearwood,
the driest wood known; all nature
had conspired (as poets put it) ,
the trees had conferred together

in praise of the music which they hear
hints of through their winter branches,
in their rustling young spring leaves,
in the wind’s dry whisper in red and brown late curling leaves…

and a man had put all this together
with its invisible fierce tensions held
by cunning of design, to permit
the gentlest sounds of laughter, tears…

a man who after years of skill
built into priceless treasures such as this
now works in La Jolla as a restorer
of heritage houses from the nineteen-hundreds…

and the lute itself! when holding it, it seemed
to have a ‘negative weight’ – as if
its very balance, laws of immaterial sound
made material in our human world

had made a thing of spirit, which begged
return to its very elements of ether,
sound, air, touch, and music’s fire,
the flow of love in laughter and in tears,

so that I swear, it had no weight
but rather, was its opposite…
he played an ancient song
composed before songs were written down,

recorded for us – its sole record, this –
by the first inventor, from the Italian courts,
of moveable musical type; a song
which transcended its Christian story

of sin and sorrow and repenting grief;
its music, roaming in its memory,
over Africa, Asia, all the length
and breadth of the human heart

recorded in the sound of music…
this the magic that rose in the air
around a dinner-table in a suburban house
touched by a boundless, weightless eternity of grace.


We left Latvia as young children left with teardrops in our eyes
Mum and daddy took us with them and tearful were those last goodbyes
We left Latvia forever never ever to return
I knew heartache, I knew sorrow, I saw fire and Berlin burn.

We arrived in Melbourne city and I've lived here for many a day
Many thousands of miles from Latvia my old homeland far away
Soviets came and took my Country and robbed it of democracy
And though Latvia is now a free Country I now live where I wish to be.

I've got good friends here in Melbourne and to them I can relate
And my best friend Babs she come from Ireland and we get along just great
Babs came here to live in Melbourne many, many moons ago
From Connacht in the west of Ireland and the county of Mayo.

We go to the Irish pubs together and I love the atmosphere
Rebel songs and Irish music mixes well with Aussie beer
Music always makes me happy, music lifts the spirits high
I love music dancing music, music spreads the gift of joy.

I was once a misplaced person and I have known the pangs of tears
But I have never felt so happy the happiest I've been for years
Still I sometimes think of Latvia and it cause me twinge of pain
I brought bits of Latvia with me memories of home remain.

I have reached the happy gateway walked up through the paths of strife
And one day I will write the story write that story of my life,
Tell about my homeland Latvia before the invader came
And tell the world about the Soviets those who know no guilt or shame.


I live my life squeezed between The Weakest Link,
Father Ted, spiced by the Thin Blue Line and Top
Gear every Wednesday Night, and yawning till
my eyes water in my office every day, what a terrible
way to spend my days on this earth, the only thing
that keeps me from going insane is Soul Music by
Terry Pratchett, where the background microwave heat
left by the original Big Bang right at the beginning
of time is replaced by Music - more specifically
by an original musical chord, and the Meditating
Monks on the Ramtop Mountains are listening to
the remains of that original chord that created
the Disc World of today; some claim they heard
the first sound: One, two; others claim they heard
the sound even before that – a sound so big
it cannot be contained in our universe –
then Music became personified and invaded
the World in the guise of a magical guitar in
Buddy’s hands, and in order to keep
Music With Rocks In strong, Buddy had to
die, but Death and his granddaughter Susan
came to the rescue, when Music was stopped
the universe came to a halt, only Buddy
could play a chord to set it going again…
This is brilliant material, I’ve lost contact
with reality, entranced by the beauty of this
allegory of the creation of the universe –
with Music a central theme, it gives birth to
so many beautiful thoughts…


The Greek people across the street on their C.D. recorder play
The music of their Homeland from the Islands far away
And often with the music I hear them sing along
Their culture remains with them their love of Homeland strong.

The Greek people across the street wave to me as they drive by
Perhaps I ought to thank them for their music I enjoy
And if ever I get to talk to them perhaps to them I'll say
I could listen to your music every night and every day.

The Greek man and woman from across the street have a primary school going girl and boy
Beautiful dark haired children they seem so quiet and shy
Yet every time they see me they smile and say hello
I'm just a bloke they often see and who by sight they know.

The Greek couple across the street are in their early thirties maybe
Perhaps they still feel nostalgic for their Homeland beyond the sea
For every evening after tea Greek music I can hear
And it makes for pleasant listening to as I sit and drink a beer

The Greek people across the street Greek music only play
They brought their culture with them from their Islands far away
The pleasant sounds waft to me every evening after tea
And perhaps I ought to thank them for the joy they give to me.

Thursday, September 18, 2008


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Saturday, September 13, 2008


in futile play, surrounding walls
blink and crawl with darkening day,
relentless waves bruise the light:
it's single source of debarment.
sat and bathed in primal light,
eyes entranced in candles bloom,
senses crushed of standard fare
grasp and latch their least spied prey.
so that now, the music, once obtuse,
entwines me in unknown crescendo,
and in this age of quiet din,
insight gleaned within my reach:
the music ends,
the darkness greets me,
weight of silence fills my mouth,
senses barred forever more.


The boy was married to poverty
But he had his music
He had his sheet of fine white paper
That made him laugh, when it caressed his lips
He had his comb with thick and thin teeth
Steel or plastic, that was his luxury
He had two combs, he wasn't poor
He would play his comb
In his sadness he would weep
But the joy of his music, made him rich


She dances awkwardly on tender feet
dreaming of Rogers and Astaire,
Nutcracker Suite,
Peter Pan.

Hearing music in her soul,
she moves her dream across the stage
in a spotlight following her like God
as she listens for cheers.

The music stops.
the dance ends.
The applause swells, rumbles.
as the dream continues.
She awaits the next performance
with twitching feet.


Crimson tide deepen
Into the rainbows,
Redeem of passion
Entangle in a life
Where pleasure
Mind in a world of
Where voices heard
Cheerful voices thunder
Through the deep,
Mellow with sweet song
Of music
When passion plunges
Through the heart..
Making sweet music
In the time of thine....


The music from the outdoor amphitheatre
Cascaded along those hill grasses
And into Ariel's ears.

She spread her arms out
And let the music lift
And tattoo her graceful silhouette
Against the moon
And it didn't even matter that no one saw.


Devine is the music which men
made of wind singing through
Dancing bamboos, cooing cuckoos,
Sreaching of animals, chimes of rivers,
Imitated on instruments like flute, piano,
Drums, Pipes and like, with much
Veracity and variety, so fine, so good,
That fairies elfs and ghosts danced
To the tunes, Unseen, and disliked
By gods and satan but not listennig
To their advice and not stoppable.
Again and again they visited the earth
To listen and dance to the Music,
Which men crafted so carefully.


Going away is fun and pleasurable,
Like godly help that divides and multiplies,
Like food of winds and weather of all nature,
It is travel on the mind and disease everywhere.

When we return and conduct music,
We’ll earn a prodigious money
And our find is like a god.
Our god mutters disbelief at our folly
For the music is unhealthy and distasteful
Due to instruments that weep and cry over you.

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Friday, September 5, 2008


music music is my life with out music i would be lost
when i was hart broken i found the wright lyrics to move on
when i was sad music save my life
when i was bored i sang a song
music music is so much fun i could write it all night long
the power of music is so strong that could help you get away
just forget every thing an sing
if your tired pick up your ipod and relax
music is in all of us you just have to listen


you tell me
the beginning of your music
has no end

you tell me
your music is eternal

I tell you
the end of my music
has no beginning

I must tell you
my music ended
when yours began
my music ends
when yours begins
my music will end
definitely and decidedly
and elegiacally
when your music will begin

your heart is already singing
a sweet love song with no end
eternal bliss
while my song ends
before it begins


A mixture of sound and silence
Artistic release in time, the essence
Alluring beauty avowedly delivered
At best, music is simply divine!

Good music moves our hearts
Great music cleanses our minds
Grand music uplifts our spirits
Gracious music indeed excels

Mundane worries consigned away
Music keeps the masses enthralled
Mystic saints’ melodious music
Mesmerized even the Gods!

Mellowed cow milks more & more
Music to ears turns it a philanthropist
Music therapy to the miserable
Manifests in salvation- a revelation

Melody transforming the audience
Music equates earth with heaven
Mesmerized souls with moist eyes
Muse over the theme time and again

Music can bring about rain
Music can unshackle the mind
Music can well alleviate pain
Music is simply divine!


Life without music is like me without music
Life without music is like mickey without Minnie
Life without music is like me without tv
Life without music is like spongebob without Patrick
Life without music is like Mr.Krabs without money
Life without music is like plankton without a krabby patty
Another way to say this is that
Life would be dead without music
Music brings joy to life.


And when i take to singing a tune...i lose friends
They say my chords weren't born to make song
And i always chime in retort: '''That all depends,
Whether tin-eared listeners...have got it wrong''

Yet... it really matters not, if my voice be a moan
For no one needs to listen...i can croon all alone
It's just Music, Music, Music....the temple of song
Those who want to join in, follow me...sing along

For it's Music, Music, Music, and all that its worth
To me it's a like a sprinkling...of Utopia on Earth

For it's just MUSIC.... MUSIC.... MUSIC....is all...!


Music is round
Music is square
Music is blue
Music is green
Music is am
Music is pm
Music is happiness
Music is sadness
Music is life
Music is death
Music is the world.


I hear the music
The music is playing
The music is soft
The music is now fading
The music is gone
Which means so is my life
No music means no life
The music is gone
Come back to me music
The Music is begining
I have a life
The music is pretty
The Music is wonderful
Oh no
The music is fading again
I love the music
The music is gone
Good bye music